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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mary and James | Wedding at Tiernaur Church + Mulranny park hotel

A couple of photos from Mary and James's wedding in beautiful Mulranny.

I love the room the lads stayed in the night before. John Lennon & Yoko Ono stayed in that room in June of 1968 hence all the John & Yoko stuff around.

It was such a lovely bright sunny day up until we left to get a  few wedding photos at the beach in Mulranny when suddenly the heavens opened up. I think there was hail stones and everything. It just goes to show you how changeable the weather is here. We still managed to jump out for a very quick photo though and I managed to get them outside the front of Mulranny Park Hotel later that evening when the rain cleared for one more portrait (to be sure to be sure ;)

I wish Mary and James all the best in their marriage. A really lovely couple and a pleasure to work with.

 photo of Tiernaur church, Mayo

Wedding ceremony venue: Tiernaur Church, Mulranny, Mayo
Wedding hotel reception venue: Mulranny Park Hotel, Mayo
Wedding photographer: Ciaran Duignan, abaca photography, Westport, Mayo, Ireland

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