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Friday, January 11, 2013

Some of 2012's weddings

2012 has come and gone so fast. It has been an exciting year for me and my busiest so far with weddings. It made sense for me to give up doing all other aspects of photography and concentrate on weddings exclusively. It may have disappointed some people but unless I was to employ someone to help out it was the only way to be able to keep up with all the behind scenes work.

There were many other highlights for me in 2012 like turning 30, going to Cuba for nearly 3 weeks, buying a 1974 VW camper van and moving house to Westport town. I also become a bit more physically active which was great as Ive always been so unfit. I decided to make more use of living beside the sea and surfed much more after getting a surfboard for my 30th in Jan (although I'm pretty awful at it). I got signed up for a cross country run with lots of mud and obstacles. So leading up to that required a bit of training. At the start I couldn't even jog 100 meters without feeling like my lungs were about to collapse. I surprised myself and completed the 10K course (go me!).

 I also bought a bicycle in August and cycled the greenway to Achill with a friend which I would definitely recommend. Although my legs were in agony by the time we got to where we were staying at the other end of the island. Plenty of Guinness helped numb the pain that evening. I think we cycled about 120K over those 2 days and I was walking pretty strange for a about two days after. I guess I'm still not exactly 'fit' but a heck of a lot more than I was in 2011.

 Anyway... ill stop my waffling. Here are some random wedding photos from 2012.

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