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Thursday, September 6, 2012

New gadget for backing up my photos while on location for extra piece of mind. The Colorspace UDMA2.

I have been thinking about getting a device like this for a while now. Its basically a portable device that lets me backup my photos while on location rather than have to wait until I get home.

Lucky enough for me when I went online to go about buying the Colorspace UDMA they had just released the Colorspace UDMA2 which was great news as this one comes with a wifi dongle which lets you connect it to your ipad or iphone or whatever else that can do the job.  I can now directly backup compact flash cards on to the HyperDrive Colorspace UDMA2 at speeds up to 2GB per minute without using a computer. It was so easy to just turn the wifi on and then browse through them on the ipad. It does have a big enough screen too so its not like the ipad is necessary but a nice touch.

I went for the 750GB option so I guess I could always use it as an external hardrive  for  the ipad and stick a few movies on it too. You can also connect the colorspace udma2 to your ipad via a camera connection kit if you dont want to use the wifi.

Compact flash reader

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