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Monday, April 2, 2012

My trip to Cuba 2012

Im back from Cuba three weeks now so its about time I stuck these photos online as Ive had so many people asking me to do so.

I had an amazing 18 days traveling around Cuba with a friend of mine (ultan) and would really recommend it. Although Cuba is an extremely photogenic part of the world I really didnt go there to take lots of photos. I didnt even bring my big DSLR with me on the trip. All the photos here were taken with a compact rangefinder camera 'Fuji x100'. I think having this camera actually allowed me to get allot of photos I would never have got with a big bulky DSLR as it was so unobtrusive.

I was trying to learn Spanish on the lead up to the holiday but I really wish I had much more Spanish so I could have chatted with the locals more. Maybe next time though. 


One thing I loved about Havana was all the music on the streets. OK, allot of the time they were looking for money but apart from that the music was excellent. 

Making crisps on the street in Vinales
 Smoking a big cigar we got from a local farm earlier that day. Im pretty sure I coughed after this photo.
Tobacco farm in Vinales
A farmer on a tobacco farm in Vinales rolling a cigar.

Me looking like Indiana Jones or something

Dusk over Havana city

I looked happy enough in this photo but I was fairly suffering with a nice bit of sunburn on the back later that day. 
Vinales mountain landscape
Farmhouse in Saroa
Ultan drinking on a cup of pretty strong ginger tea

 A local in Playa Giron preparing a coconut for us.


I brought a bottle of Bushmills Irish Whiskey with me and it went down very well with the locals after a days trekking. 
Chilling out in the water after two days trekking around the Sierra Escambray



I really loved all the old cars that you see all over Cuba

 We went to a small Island near Trinidad that was full of iguanas's.


The inside of a Lada


Lots of lovely vintage camera at a market in Havana

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