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Monday, February 13, 2012

Engagment shoot on a wet day in Westport, Mayo (with a slight vintage theme)

This photo shoot felt more like walking around with a couple I know and I just happened to have my camera with me.

While waiting for Lorcan & Elaine in the Knockranny House Hotel reception I couldn't help but think to myself, where the hell are we going to do these photos as it was pretty miserable outside with the rain and I knew the type of photos they were after;
casual, natural and a bit of a vintage theme running through them.

Anyway, the rain eased off a little and we decided to go for a walk around
Westport. I didn't have any big plans just some loose ideas of places that I like the look of around the town (im pretty spoiled for choice around Westport town though as it has so much character).

We walked over to one of the nicest cafe / restaurants  in Westport 'The Pantry & Corkscrew'. Ive been in here a few times and the food is amazing. It really was the perfect place to bring a couple as it has a lovely old school romantic feel to it. And Janice couldn't be nicer. I have often thought about coming in here for such a photo before but with the skies opening up it was the right time to venture in and avoid the rain.

After the pantry and corkscrew we quickly walked up to McGing's  pub on High Street and enjoyed a nice pint of Guinness. I love this pub, its like drinking in the sitting room of an old house and there's always a great crowd there (well not much of a crowd at 2pm). When it finally stopped raining we left McGings and got one or two more photos by a phone box and elsewhere on the way back to the car.

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