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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Elinchrome Ranger RX Speed AS and Elinchrom Quadra RX Pro Kit

Ive been looking at investing in a good set of portable lighting equipment for a while now for location work. As a user of Elinchrom equipment I was excited to see their new range of portable lighting (the Quadra RX kit). The only problem was that I couldnt decide whether to go with the ultra portable Ranger Quadra RX kit or its much bigger and powerful (and expensive) sister, the Ranger RX Speed. 400Watts or 1100Watts?? The Quadra kit would be perfect for most jobs but lacked the power needed to overpower the sky if I needed to darken it for a real dramatic photo.

Anyway, how happy was I when the company that I usually buy my lighting gear off had a used Ranger RX speed kit for half its normal price (€2300). In the end I decided to go ahead and buy both kits.

Below you will see A photo without using any lights and then another photo with the Rangers on full power. These were all taken in the middle of the day.

Really looking forward to using them proper.

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