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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Place your bets please!

Its very common now that all tables at weddings place bets for the length of time both the best mans speech and all speeches will last. Some weddings even have betting forms printed for each table.

In future when I'm sitting at the table eating with guests I must refrain from participating in the bet. After all, I do have a slight advantage from attending weddings every week. You kind of get a feel for how long they will go on for.

Won I nice little bit of money last weekend.
Luckily for guests its only the odd time I sit with everyone else during the meal.

I think it may have looked suspicious when I got the length of the best mans speech and the total length pretty spot on at that last wedding. And no, I don't ask the best man, groom, dads, priest etc how long they plan on talking for. My guess is just as good as yours, Honest!! :)

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