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Monday, May 24, 2010

Witness One Voice, Sligo event

I was asked to capture part of an event which took place in county Sligo called Witness One Voice.

The Witness project is in the process of applying for funding to create a piece of media that explores the experience of asylum.

The event happend over the whole weekend where they spent their time sharing experiences, playing music, drumming, singing, dancing cooking and recording the journey.


  1. Ciaran, I absolutely love them. We have already recieved funding from Leargas and the weekend was the official launch of the 'Witness One Voice Project'

    The project wqas launched by Rúach Rhythms intercultural drum community supported by M.R.D.I (movement against racism discrimination and intolerance)

    Thank you again for your wonderful artistic eye, you are a superb photographer.

  2. Oops wrong spelling..M.A.R.D.I