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Friday, November 13, 2009

Sunset over Lough Conn

I was driving around since 1pm looking for some interesting old houses and some nice locations for some landscape photos. It wasnt easy today as i just wasn't inspired by anything. Although I did find an interesting old house. I was about to give up on getting any shots that i was really happy with, when on the way back home I seen the sun setting nicely behind Lough Conn.

Just back in the studio now. My feet are soaking from taking this photo. I was standing in water that was up to my ankles. Must invest in some wellies. Not the warmest of water either.

All in all I took about 25 images today. This is the one I am happy with the most (at first glance anyway). Must straighten the horizon on this one. Ill post one or two on when Im happy with them.

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